APF Showcase Interviews: Matt Franklin of Under


Under was the first band to sign to APF Records, and also our first release – their mighty “Slick” album came out with catalogue number APF001 back in May last year. As such we have a huge soft spot for them. The Stockport trio are back in the studio crafting their next set of angular, awkward riffs and harmonies but in the meantime Matt Franklin (bass & vocals) joined us to answer some questions and be generally beautiful. He will be performing with both Under and Tronald at the APF Records Showcase All-Dayer at The Bread Shed in Manchester on Saturday 3rd February.

APF: What was your highlight of 2017?

Matt: Its been a pretty dope year: album out, shows with Slabdragger, some ace local supports. I got to meet Devvo though so almost definitely that.


APF: As a member of Under what’s your proudest achievement so far?

Matt: Releasing our first full length album was a big moment. This excellent underground label has put it out, you may have heard of them… That or the Macc Lads tribute set (at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester, supporting Devvo).

APF: Which of your label mates are you most looking forward to seeing at the 3rd February APF Records Showcase, and why?

Matt: It’s a pretty fucking strong roster! Mastiff will be the most aggy, The Hyena Kill are always rad. Pist has John Nicholson though so the others don’t stand a chance.

Matt 2

APF: What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

Matt: We had a lot of excellent shows last year but a personal highlight was supporting Big Business and Whores at the Star and Garter in Manchester.

APF: What are your plans for 2018?

Matt: We’re currently recording our next album so I won’t say much at this point except that this one pushes everything you’ve heard on “Slick” right up. Heavier. Weirder. More crying.

APF: Tell us something we don’t know about you or your band?

Matt: We’re actually a tribute act to The Band, we’re just really fucking shit. Also we all have weird feet.

APF: Anything to declare?

Matt: My leg hair cuts off perfectly at my ankles. It’s like always wearing trousers and I can’t sleep.

Under Doom

Under’s “Slick” is out now on APF Records and can be bought from:



The APF Records Showcase takes place at The Bread Shed in Manchester on 3rd February. Tickets available from: wegottickets.com/event/418903

Event information: facebook.com/events/791925504312658/

UNDER - BLACK PUKE - resized


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