APF Showcase Interviews: Drian Nash & John Carberry of Nomad

Nomad 2

You’re all in for a shock when Nomad drop their new album on 30th May. It marks a giant leap forward for the band, and is going to turn many a head: because of both the killer songs contained within and the frankly stunning front cover artwork. All the other bands on APF are going to have to be on their game if they want to prevent the new Nomad record being everyone’s album of the year.

But before that comes along, Nomad are headlining the second stage at the APF Records Showcase on 3rd February at The Bread Shed in Manchester. In advance of that, Drian Nash (vocals) and John Carberry (bass) had some stuff to say……

carberry dopethrone

APF: What was your highlight of 2017?

Drian: Signing to APF Records and finally making moves on getting the album done. I can’t wait to get it out.

John: Without a doubt signing to APF, and recording a full length! And getting to see Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff live!

APF: As a member of Nomad what’s your proudest achievement so far?

Drian: That’s hard to say but it’d probably be sharing the stage with Eyehategod who are a band I had loved since High school, so that was pretty surreal and a big deal for me.

John: Being in the band is an achievement for me; playing shows up and down this island, actually selling merch, meeting people who actually dig what you’re doing! Not everyone gets to do what they love, and here I am doing it. Also, being asked by Wort and BongCauldron to join them on stage – those moments were really cool. 


APF: Which of your label mates are you most looking forward to seeing at the 3rd February APF Records Showcase, and why?

Drian: I’m gonna say The Hyena Kill, as it’s been a while since I last saw them, and I have only seen them a handful of times – whereas I think I’m pushing double figures with most of the APF roster. I am also looking forward to finally seeing Tronald.

John: Too hard to pin it down. Under, because they’re just amazing. Bongers, because I love those guys and the album – I can’t wait to hear it live! T’Hermit, because I haven’t seen them since their shift and I love seeing Gaz play. Diesel King – all round nice lads would you believe! Then there’s Redeye – they make me feel like Andy Field when he sees every band – Joe, Shaun, Joey, Paul, I love your band!!! xxx

APF: What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

Drian: Probably the first Riff Fest or the first Red Sun Festival. Both fests had a line up packed with our mates and just general decent people floating around. Or the gig we played in Cardiff where towards the end of the set a bunch of people wandered into the venue grinding their jaws off. Then at the start of the last tune when I looked up there was a guy painted yellow, dressed like the Simpsons Sea Captain and Par Man from Wort started shooting a water pistol like a fountain over the crowd.

John: Too many to mention. Playing Cardiff, and Coventry has always been a treat, the Riff Fests we’ve played. And opening for some of my favourite bands (and bands I’ve known for years!) like Dopethrone, Conan, Church of Misery, Eyehategod, My Ruin, Prong, and RaginfuckinSpeedhorn! 


APF: What are your plans for 2018?

Drian: Release the Pop Songs. Play the Pop Concerts around the country and hopefully outside the country. We have a few things in the pipeline for next year that I’m really looking forward to.

John: I really really really can’t wait to release the Album. Then touring and playing live… …A video maybe??? If a big time promoter sees this I will suck dick to to play with Body Count/Slayer… …well maybe not fellatio, but I will give thanks, hugs, and many emojis.

APF: Tell us something we don’t know about you or your band?

Drian: We actually won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1976 but the decision was overturned at the last minute and we were edited out of the final aired program. We still think this is an injustice and that is the reason we refuse to share a stage with Marie Myriam.

John: Hmmmm… …this is my first ever band. Like I’ve not even played in a school band!!!

APF: Anything to declare?

Drian: Too much.

John: Bill Jacobs is a sex god.


The APF Records Showcase takes place at The Bread Shed in Manchester on 3rd February. Tickets available from: wegottickets.com/event/418903

Event information: facebook.com/events/791925504312658/

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