APF Showcase Interviews: The Final One

It’s been ace talking to members of the 14 bands playing the APF Records Showcase at The Bread Shed this Saturday. Wrapping things up, we pinned down Matt Walker from Battalions, Elliot Cole of Desert Storm, The Hyena Kill’s Steven Dobb and Ba’al frontman Steffan Benham for a few final words.

APF: What was your highlight of 2017?

Elliot: Well getting to tour Europe again was great. We always have a great time and it’s always fun going back to cities we have played before as well as playing new places. 2017 was also the 10th anniversary of the band, so playing a sold out hometown show for that occasion was also pretty special. It was nice to play a lot of old songs from our first couple of albums again, because they rarely get played live anymore.

Dobb: It has to be playing 2000 Trees festival. The line up was killer.

Steffan: For me personally it was putting out our EP into the world. It was the first time I had been in a band that put a record out, and to have it released through APF Records was the icing on the cake. With the record release show on the same day with so many people there was definitely a high point. Also we never expected the reaction that we’ve received.

Mott: I reckon it’s gotta be playing Bloodstock, such an amazing experience and we had an amazing time over the full weekend.


APF: As a member of your band what’s your proudest achievement so far?

Elliot: For me, I would have to say my proudest achievement so far would be playing Bloodstock Festival on the Sophie Lancaster Stage in 2016. That was definitely the biggest festival we have played. Just being on the same line up as bands such as Mastodon and Slayer was amazing.

Dobb: I think, not killing each other. Doing the debut album was really special and was a definite milestone for us. Getting it mastered at Abbey Road and going down for the day was class. We got properly shitfaced in Camden after.

Steffan: Coming this far I’d say. Since we started we have worked so hard to become a known band. We’ve had to play gig after gig and sacrifice so much that making it to this point now has made it all worth while.

Mott: Signing to APF records is probably the proudest moment so far, we can’t wait to get our 3rd album recorded and out there for people to hear.

group pic

APF: Which of your label mates are you most looking forward to seeing at the 3rd February APF Records Showcase, and why?

Elliot: Ahhh man that is a tough question. I really like all the bands that are playing so I am looking forward to seeing everyone! 

Dobb: Under and Tronald. I fucking love them guys. They make weird as fuck music and they just nail it every time. Sexual grooves and just utter filth all round.

Steffan: I’ll be honest and say a lot of as some I’ve not been able to see live yet. But Under will always be a highlight if they’re playing a show.

Mott: All of them are amazing bands. Pist and Bongers are always outstanding live so I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

APF: What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

Elliot: Either Bloodstock Festival, Or the first Desertfest we played in London in 2012. Those gigs were a lot of fun!

Dobb: Supporting Max and Igor Cavalera at Kentish Town Forum. That was a belting gig. They were doing the Roots album in full.

Steffan: Our record release show in November for me. Not only was it an opportunity to show the tracks from the EP in their true form, but also to be able to play some old material for the people that have been with us from the start. And the fact that the place was rammed.

Mott: Our headline set at Hull’s Humber Street Sesh was pretty special for us as it’s our hometown and the crowd was mental. Chunk and Lottie’s birthday gig was one of my favourites too, probably the most fun set I’ve ever played. We had our old guitarist Clatch play a song with us as well as John from Pist which was real good fun.

The Hyena Kill (Press Photo)
APF: What are your plans for 2018?

Elliot: 2018 looks like it will be a busy year for us. Our new album ‘Sentinels’ gets released on 16th March, and we plan to tour that album heavily in the UK and throughout Europe. We also have a lot of festivals confirmed such as HRH Stoner vs Doom in Sheffield and Riff Fest in Bolton which will be great! 

Dobb: To release our brand new EP ‘Spun’ on 23rd April and tour the fuck out of it.

Steffan: Make more smart decisions for the band’s future. Continue to write material that proves we deserve the praise we have received and get in front of people we have not yet had the chance to.

Mott: We’ve got a 7 day tour booked with Pist which is gonna be pretty special and if we manage to survive that we have album number three set for release in summer as well as a couple of other tours in the pipeline.

APF: Tell us something we don’t know about you or your band?

Elliot: Well me and my brother Ryan who plays guitar in Desert Storm are twins…

Dobb: When we first started we were a three piece but our bass player fucked it off so we carried on.

Steffan: Our pre gig ritual is telling each other what band shirt we are wearing on stage, as we all have the same shirts.

Mott: I once drank 6 bottles of Buckfast and shit my pants.

APF: Anything to declare?

Elliot: Nope.

Dobb: Sleep when you’re dead, don’t eat nowt bigger than your head.

Steffan: I’m a diva and my band deserve a medal for dealing with my shit.

Mott: I fucking love your label.

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