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“All APF bands are equal. But one is just a little more equal that the others. I usually dodge the question – ‘so who’s your favourite band on your label then?’ – but I can do it no longer. It’s Diesel King. I tried to play it cool when I spoke to Bill Jacobs and Geoff Foden back in May about record deals but when they agreed to sign DK to APF I think I may actually have wet myself a little. I am, by far, Diesel King’s biggest fan. They know it. I know it.

In 2017 Diesel King gave me their EP #gofuckyourselves to release. I love it SO MUCH. I listen to it every few days, even now 9 months later. Some dude in America put the opening track ‘Declaration’ on a playlist on Spotify and the song got streamed over 10,000 times. Diesel King would like it if no one bought their stuff or listened to their music, but whilst I am around there is no chance of that happening. They are staying on APF for the rest of their lives whether they like it or not. There WILL be a Diesel King album in 2018. I will make them do it. It will be amazing. I can’t fucking wait”.


Bill Jacobs, drummer of Diesel King (and Gurt and Hanowar and Trippy Wicked), is amazing. But I digress. From a distance due to restraining orders etc, he answered some questions for us in advance of the APF Showcase in Manchester on 3rd February.

APF: What was your highlight of 2017?

Bill: As a band? Well we did fuck all most of the year, it’s not hard to choose, so it would have to be the release of our epic leviathan magnum opus EP #GOFUCKYOURSELVES on the quite lovely APF Records. Personally? There was a brief 5 minute period on a sunny July afternoon where i didn’t wanna hurl myself off of a bridge, so i guess that’s a highlight.


APF: As a member of Diesel fucking King what’s your proudest achievement so far?

Bill: Finding another band to play with that wasn’t Diesel King. Those guys are pricks.

APF: Which of your label mates are you most looking forward to seeing at the 3rd February APF Records Showcase, and why?

Our Billy: I personally cant wait to see Twisted Sister. You have signed Twisted Sister right?

APF: What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

Bill: You get one serious answer per interview so this might as well be it. It might not be the “best” but definitely the one that stays with me the most was playing Paris with High On Fire about 5 days after the attack at the Bataclan. It was a surreal experience having people delightedly thanking you for playing and then on the verge of tears telling you about the friends they’d lost a few days beforehand. I’ve seen the term thrown around before but this is one of the few gigs I’ve ever been to where I felt a real emotionally charged atmosphere.

APF: What are your plans for 2018?

Bill: Probably do an album because Fieldy wont shut up if we dont. Hopefully do some shows if we can drag Geoff and Mark away from the gym for an hour.

APF: Tell us something we don’t know about you or your band?

Billy: Each member of Diesel King fits inside each other according to size, like Russian Dolls. I’m fluent in 7 languages and I’m 235th in line to the throne of Latvia.

APF: Anything to declare?

Bill: Go. Fuck. Yourself.

me and bill

Diesel King’s “#gofuckyourselves” EP is out now on APF Records and can be bought from:



The APF Records Showcase takes place at The Bread Shed in Manchester on 3rd February. Tickets available from: wegottickets.com/event/418903

Event information: facebook.com/events/791925504312658/

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