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“I remember the day I decided to sign RedEye Revival to APF Records. I was stood with Dave Rowlands of Pist in Rebellion Manchester watching the Leeds lads go through their paces. Paul Allinson up front doing his windmill hairshaking, Joey Kilkelly pogo-ing away on bass, Shaun Marsh doing things with his double bass drum pedals which at times defy both logic and gravity, and Joe Clements shredding his green guitar – peeling off thrash riff after riff after riff. On their day there is no better live band than RedEye fucking Revival. Talented, handsome bastards the lot of them. I turned to Dave as their set ended and he turned to me and we smiled a knowing smile. At that moment I knew I had to make them an APF band.” – ANDREW FIELD, APF RECORDS

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APF Records released RedEye Revival’s second EP “Double Drop” in October. It’s a short sharp party thrash shock. It’s songs – plus those from RedEye’s stunning debut “Raise Hell No Regrets” – will be aired at the APF Records Showcase at The Bread Shed in Manchester on 3rd February.  Joe Clements popped by for a quick chat.

APF: What was your highlight of 2017?

Joe: It was a good year for the band, we’ve gotten way better, played awesome shows, put out new music, wrote new music, met new people and partied with friends. Outside the band, I found out I’m somewhat of an adult human and got engaged to Anna. Paul found out his balls worked and fathered an adorable little meathead called Freddy. Adults yo. I don’t want to leave anyone out so: Shaun and Joey are engaged to each other and are expecting their first child this year.

APF: As a member of Redeye Revival what’s your proudest achievement so far?

Joe: It’s nice struggling to answer this one. We’ve achieved pretty much everything we’ve wanted to so far (still yet to break Japan) but for me I’m super fucking proud to be part of the APF roster. The label embodies everything we’re about and I think it will grow exponentially, I’m excited to see what happens!

APF: Which of your label mates are you most looking forward to seeing at the 3rd February APF Records Showcase, and why?

Joe: If I manage to see anything after our set it’ll be a miracle because I can’t wait to get shitfaced already. We’ve got the good fortune of playing with and seeing most of these reprobates pretty often, which is good because they’re all excellent. The Hyena Kill are insane though, I feel quiet compared to them and there’s only two of the buggers.

APF: What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

Joe: Got to mention Bloodstock 2016 here, that was just one of the best weekends of my life. Wish I could remember more of it… But the best show we’ve ever done has to be the Double Drop launch party at Sanctuary (holla!) in Burnley last October. It was a right party as well! Thanks to everyone who came down for it and Nomad, Under & Today They Are Older for playing. Shout out to Hoffman & John for being complete animals too. Ask us this again next year, hopefully the answer will be the APF Showcase.

APF: What are your plans for 2018?

Joe: We’re booked in to record something new with Grammy Award winning producer* Nick Gizzi in March, well excited for that. We’ve got some quality shows booked already and always want more. Plan is just to keep doing what we do and have a good time doing it.

*may be false information

APF: Tell us something we don’t know about you or your band?

Joe: Come ply us with booze and / or drugs on Saturday 3rd of Feb and we’ll open up.

APF: Anything to declare?

Joe: Not really, just get yourselves some tickets for the Showcase and have a good fuckin’ time! Peace! 


RedEye Revival’s “Double Drop” EP is out now on APF Records and can be bought from:



The APF Records Showcase takes place at The Bread Shed in Manchester on 3rd February. Tickets available from: wegottickets.com/event/418903

Event information: facebook.com/events/791925504312658/

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